What You Need to Know about Roof Replacement

Like a lot of things in the world, the roofs on top of houses are subject to constant wear and tear. Different weather conditions like heat, rain and snow could bring about untold damage to the roof of a house, not to mention extreme weather conditions like hail, storm and tornadoes, which could surely raise the roof as they say. Being the only thing that separates people from the harsh conditions brought about by Mother Nature from above, the roof surely needs constant maintenance, checking and even additional coating to avoid leaks and other kinds of roof damage.

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Just like any other manmade products in the planet, the materials that comprise the roofs on top of houses each have its very own shelf life. This means that no matter how tough and thick the materials certain roofs are made of, there will always be a specific period of time that they will be deemed safe to use until the elements and other conditions break them. And when this time comes, the roof will not be as dependable and sturdy as it once was. During these times, the need to call the experts for help will arise and so does the need for a roof replacement. These specialists will also help in determining the perfect kind of material as well as the design that will be good for the home and will replace the old and now unsafe roof.

Common Causes for Replacing Roof

While an old and leaking roof is the main reason to replace it, there are also some other instances where the need to replace the roof will come into play. The reasons that would quickly come into mind when talking about reasons to have roofing replaced are tackled below.

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Home Remodeling

A lot of people nowadays are fond of remodeling their old home to make expansions or to simply change the way their old house looks. Some people would want to have a minimalistic design for their house while others would want a classic, elegant looking design for their home that is why they opt for home remodeling. All of these, however, are not possible without having to replace the home’s roof first. Why? Because the roof does what it does best – protect the interior of the house from these elements. Basic interior remodeling tasks such as painting, installation of drywall, placement of ceiling, carpeting and a whole lot more are useless unless the home remodeling people put up the roof first.


Certain lichens such as moss and algae can accumulate on a home’s roof over time, causing roof discoloration as well as causing the wood where the roof is nailed upon to rot and will also slowly do structural damage to the roof itself. While lichens can still be removed by thorough cleaning, some of them which have been there for a longer period of time have already caused enough damage to have the roof replaced.

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Even though trees provide shade and cool the temperature around your house, they too can be a cause of extensive roof damages that will prompt replacement over time. Falling leaves which have accumulated along the gutters as well as tree limbs which have fallen to the roof can cause damages to the integrity of the roof, even puncturing it causing holes that will be a major problem during the rainy season.

When these damages are left unnoticed, they can accumulate and will cause even greater damage up to your home’s interior. This is why a prompt roof replacement should be observed. But how much does the price have to be to be able to replace someone’s roof?

Roof Replacement Cost

Typically, just like any other handyman services, the cost of having the roof replaced will depend on the size of the roof that will be replaced, quality of materials that will be used and of course the labor cost when replacing the roof. If a person in need of roofing replacement happens to be someone with knowledge about replacing roofs, then that person should only worry about the type of materials that will be used as a replacement for the roof and of course the quantity of such materials. And when it comes to the types of materials that will be used for the replacement of roofing, they are as follows:

  • Shingles with Asphalt Composition

By far these are the most affordable type of roofing material in the market today and the easiest to obtain as well. However, because of its dull appearance, it is also the least attractive of all the other kinds of roofing material as well.

  • Wood Shake

This type of roofing material is a little bit higher on the price bracket when it comes to roofing shingles. But its price is also matched by its look that is why a lot of people are still going after the wood shake as their roofing material.

  • Metal Roofing

Metal can also be used as a roofing material. However, due to the fact that metal is a very good conductor of heat, there will be a need to install insulation between the metal roof and the roof deck to prevent the heat produced by this type of roof to enter the house which can cause discomfort to the people living inside.

  • Slate Roofing

This special type of roofing material is considered to be one of the top end roofing materials used for houses. This material is very attractive when installed and is sure to stand the test of time. They, however, are very slippery to walk on especially when weather conditions are not that ideal.

  • Rubber Slate Roofing

Another type of roofing material that is now gaining popularity is the rubber slate. These awesome materials are made from recycled synthetic rubber so they are super eco friendly. In addition, rubber slate roofing materials is also highly recommended for flat roof replacement. Another good reason to select rubber slates for roofing replacement is that it has an excellent insulation capacity. People who live in warm states can highly benefit from using rubber as their roofing material. And not only does it promote recycling and conservation, it also helps in saving money from electricity bills caused by constant usage of heaters and air conditioning system inside the house. Rubber roofing slates can also mimic the looks of other types of roofing materials making it the best choice for people who want to have the roof of their home look like other materials, only cheaper. Furthermore, rubber slates are also resistant to fire, wind, bugs and are also waterproof so the need for replacing such materials won’t be until the next 50 years. And lastly, this type of material does not require much maintenance compared to the other kinds of roofing materials, causing people to save more money even though the initial installation of such material is quite a long process and will require the attention of excellent and experienced roofing experts.

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Final Thoughts

The task of having the roof replaced is in fact a tedious one and will require hard work and attention. But having the right materials to use along with the help of qualified people and enough resources; it will surely benefit those people living under it.