Using Vinyl paint In Roof Replacement

The popularity of Vinyl roofing is growing by the season. This has led to an increase in demand for vinyl paint. Many people are adopting vinyl roofing due to a number of reasons. This type of roofing is very versatile and can be used in residential, commercial, agricultural, as well as industrial applications. Vinyl also contains few nonrenewable components hence making it eco-friendly. The lifespan of the roofing is said to be about 50 years. Although roofing made from vinyl is long-lasting, it will fade overtime. And the only way to bring back the luster is by applying paint suited for vinyl roofs. The success of the restoration will be determined by the following:

Rust-Oleum Vinyl Spray Paint

Damage on the Roof

When carrying out a roof replacement, it is necessary to determine the extent of damage or fade. Naturally, vinyl roofs will fade and lose their appeal. This is caused by the harsh weather and climate, constant contact by people and other creatures, and also natural wear and tear. Roofing that has been damaged extensively or has deep pitting will require paint that is much thicker. The thick paint will not only restore the color, but will also act as filler consequently removing surface imperfections. Such paints will usually come in form of vinyl acrylic or vinyl siding paint .

How to Paint Vinyl Siding

Type of Paint

Paint used in restoring vinyl roofing is generally classified in the following categories:

  • Vinyl spray paint: – This is the most commonly used type of paint. It is similar to ordinary paint in appearance but it is specially made for vinyl roofing. The paint forms a protective overcoat on the roofing surface other than just coloring the surface. It also comes in different brands. The most suitable way of applying the paint is through the use of a spray gun.
  • Vinyl dyes: – Dyes differ from paints in that unlike paints which remain on the surface; dyes penetrate deep inside the material. This action ensures that the dye adheres better to the material and also lasts longer.

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Affected Areas

The type of paint will also be determined by the area where the paint is to be applied. A grayed white surface will be most suited by paint or bleach and not dyes. In case a darker shade is required, then dyes are ideal. Extensively damaged roofing requires the use of roll-on paints such as duplicolor vinyl paint.This paint is thicker and also offers a deep shade of color. Rustoleum based roofing paints are more expensive than other paints, but are also more durable. It is better to spend more on quality paint, than having to settle for cheap paints that will require frequent repainting exercises.

Application Process

Replacing or restoring an aged or faded vinyl roof requires different application processes. Some methods are much straightforward, while others require a bit of skill. For instance, a lightly faded roof only requires spraying the right type of vinyl paint. But in case the roof is extensively damaged, it will require prior preparation. This will include removing badly damaged sections, smoothening or sanding down the surface, bleaching, and then finally applying the paint. Surfaces that have completely lost all the paint material may require a primer to be applied first. The primer allows the new paint to bond better with the surface. Failure to apply the primer before the paint will result to the paint chipping off prematurely.

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Applying paint may seem like a simple and basic exercise. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Skill and experience is required when carrying out the process. This may only be achieved by engaging a professional vinyl roof restorer. The expert will offer advice on the right type of paints that are user and eco-friendly hence causing no side effects or pollution. A proficient person will also undertake the task while adhering to the recommended safety guidelines.

Generally, vinyl roofing comes in two forms. There are the single ply sheets that are commonly used for agricultural and commercial settings. The other type is the shake style shingle. The shake style is more common and also very flexible. However, it also requires more skill in installing as well as restoring. Shake style is generally used in domestic and residential situations. The above guidelines will ensure that the vinyl paint used is appropriate hence improving the appearance. The life span of the roof will also be extended.

Role of Cement Paint in Home Improvement

Cement paint is one of the cost-effective exterior wall finish design and boost the interior decoration of buildings. It protects the building from weather changes and it is not affected by algae and fungi therefore preserving the house. It works well when applied on a plaster surface, concrete surface and bricks.

Waterproof Cement Paint

Home decoration makes the environment attractive and smart. Cement paint colors make it match with the other colors of the house. This is done by the use of cement paint to make decorations on the walls therefore making them well elegant. The following are the most important factors that one should consider while painting a concrete wall:

  • Choose cement paint that is appropriate for your outdoor and indoor project and prior to this check whether the wall is sealed from the moisture so as to apply primer. For the outdoor, use oil-based paints and for the indoors an interior acrylic paint is also preferable.
  • Concrete wall should be clean. A power washer can be used in case of external projects but if it is an interior one, use a soapy water to scrub the wall along with a scrubbing brush.
  • Use a concrete patch to fix cracks in your walls if any. Prepare the concrete patch mixture and fill the holes and use a trowel to level the patch so that it can match the surface of the wall.
  • Use a tape plastic sheeting to check the wall for moisture for a period of one day. If there is moisture within the plastic, then seal the wall but if there is no any moisture, the wall is now sealed.
  • Apply one coat of concrete primer and allow it to dry for a period of one day. Roll on concrete paint sealer then cover with two coats and allow it to dry between the layers. This helps in making the paint stick to the wall making it long lasting.

The paint type to use depends with the project at hand. Outdoor concrete requires paints that will be tolerant to frequent weather changes. For indoors, a long lasting paint is preferred especially in a high traffic area. Paint texture should also be considered as slicker paints when dry are not appropriate for flooring.

Applying Cement Floor Paint

Roof replacement is one key consideration in home renovation workflow in a renovation project. Here are simple steps of roof replacing process when one is renovating.

  • All the shingles should be removed by use of a roll-off.
  • Replace the bad wood with plywood and if some roof are in good conditions make minor repairs.
  • Make an ice dam protection to prevent ice-melt from draining away and cause damage into the house. This is followed by asphalt paper.
  • Apply the shingles from the eaves then working upward.
  • Apply flashing in all areas where leaks might come into the house and install the ridge event.


Find The Best Reliable Cement Floor Paint

Painting a concrete floor improves the outlook of a floor and seals it. This is made so by cement floor paint. To get the best results, it is advisable to give it a period of two weeks. After selecting the proper coating for your floor, carry out the following procedures.

  • The concrete must be properly cleaned to enable the sealers and paints to combine.
  • Apply the sealer two or three coats on the floor and after each layer use a roller to smooth the sealer over the concrete.
  • Pour the primer into a paint dish and immerse a paint roller into the primer.
  • Roll it onto the floor and this is done in even strokes.
  • Paint the concrete floor by use of masonry paint immersed in a paint tray and dip the masonry roller and coat it well.
  • Roll the masonry paint over the floor several times.
  • Allow the paint cement floor to dry by giving it a period of one day and for best results, apply 2-3 coats.

Different individuals prefer different colors in their houses. High traffic areas are always tricky to paint; the most preferred color is dark neutral in such a case as it remains unchanged. Children’s playrooms should not be painted red as it has a lot of effects in children leading to hostility. A sky blue with yellow along with red stripes will be the most preferred. Other places includes; kitchens and bathrooms.

Guide On How To Paint Cement Floor

Proper home renovation projects should be done regularly to ensure our homes are neat and appealing to us at all times.

Waterproof Paint

Waterproof paint plays a principal role of preventing any damage that might be caused by water either from the inside or outside. The use of waterproof paint has been on the rise in the past years since such paints offer a great deal of benefits over ordinary paints.

Where To Buy Waterproof Paint
Water resistant paints comes as the ideal choice for rooms with moisture deposition especially walls, iron roofs, and basements. Moisturized surfaces are bound to bring about molds and mildew which keeps the room out order. Moreover, moisture is known to bring about health complications not only to children but grownups as well. In this regard, it would be best to go for water resistant paint to avoid such disorders. Water resistant paints will also help you save a good sum of money. With water resistant paints, for instance, you will not consider roof replacement. This is because roof durability will be elongated once you apply water resistant paint on them. The same case applies to other surfaces. Another thing you will like about water resistant paints is that they are more durable than their ordinary counterparts. You will, therefore, not require buying paints every now and then in effort to renovate your room. However, you must bear in mind that there are different brands of water resistant paints that have been made available in the market today. The truth is that not all brands can be termed best. Be sure to seek advice from experts on which brand ranks best in order to avoid losing your cash. The task of making the right choice of waterproof paint may be daunting. For easy choice, you will require taking into consideration a number of factors which will act as a guide.

Best Methods For Waterproof Paint For Wood

Purpose of the Paint

You must first establish the exact reason why you are buying the paint. Water resistant paints vary with regard to the surfaces they are to be applied on. If the surface you want to paint is wooden then you should buy waterproof paint for wood. Similarly if you wish to paint a plastic surface, then, be sure to purchase waterproof paint for plastic. In short, you should only buy water resistant paint that rhymes the intended use. You must be keen enough not to mistake water resistant paints for different purposes.


Like earlier stated, there are innumerable water resistant paint brands in the market today. In this regard you must ensure you go for nothing but the best. It is at this juncture that it will be necessary to seek for some reference. This you can do by asking around from friends or, better still, read through different web reviews on water resistant paints. That way, you will have the necessary knowledge on what to look for in different paints.

Best Tips For Waterproof Paint For Concrete


This is one key guide to best water resistant paints. Though high price does not mean quality, you must be on alert not to go for extremely cheap paints. Chances are they are of low quality. Remember, you are looking for waterproof paint that will service you long enough therefore you cannot risk buying low quality or rather counterfeit paint. Be sure to evaluate your options before you buy water resistant paint. It is also important to note that prices for water resistant paints vary in terms of their purpose. Waterproof paint for concrete may not be the same as other paints for other surfaces like plastic and wood.


This goes hand in hand with the brand. If the brand is best, then the paint guarantee is also best and high. However, you can opt to go for a brand not so prominent but still have the best guarantee for the paint. The key thing is to ensure you do not purchase low guarantee paint since you will pay high charges for future maintenance bills.

Bosny Waterproof Paint For Plastic

The Room

If you intend to paint the outside part of your room then it will be best to go for strong water resistant paint. This is because the outside surface of your room is bound to get into contact with heavy rainfall hence the chances of quick damage. Go for paint with high protection capacity in such cases. On the other hand middle class water resistant paints are preferable for inside surfaces of the room.

Exterior painting: A guarantee to add value to your home

Regardless of whether you paid for a new house or bought one which was previously owned by a different person, painting its exterior is by far the best way to own it. In fact, exterior painting is a very easy and cost effective way which serves as a guarantee to ensure that your house not only looks and feels warm but also suits your personal decoration preferences. The best thing about exterior painting is the fact that it not only serves to help rejuvenate the home, it also helps showcase your own unique design statement which in turn make the home more welcoming, accommodating and comfortable.

Residential Exterior Paint Color Schemes

The following in an overview of the exterior paint to that you should seriously take into consideration since they will help you make decisions which will add value to your house.

1.    Types of exterior paint


  • The solvent based exterior paint

These are oils based and the liquid solvent used is mineral spirits. This type of paint is known to take slightly long to dry off [usually around 24 hrs from the time of painting]. This type of paint can be cleaned using paint thinner or turpentine.

  • The water based exterior paint

These are water based and are mixed together with water when painting. They are known to dry off very quickly. Clean up of water based exterior paint is very easy and fast since it only requires soap and water.

Most Common Exterior Paint Ideas

2.     Characteristic of the best exterior paint

Below are some of the key features of quality exterior paint to help you make the best off your exterior paint ideas. They include:

  • High color retention properties: quality exterior points should be able to maintain the original color long after being used.
  • Blister resisting properties: quality exterior paint should be able to prevent the passage of excess moisture since this might affect the paint layer. Take note; in case the paint is applied over a damp or wet surface, blistering will obviously show.
  • Chalking resistance: the ultimate outdoor paint should be able to prevent any white chalky substances from forming on the surface after painting is complete.
  • Hiding power: quality outdoor paint should be able to sufficiently conceal the surface where it has been applied creating a visual impression that focuses on the exterior paint colors used [especially when the initial color of the paint surface was different].


Victorial Best Exterior Paint

3. Exterior home painting guide: Important steps to follow

The following are the main steps involved in exterior painting, they include:

a.     Removal of mold, dirt and mildew

The exterior of the house is usually exposed to continuously changing severe weather conditions. As a result of this it tends to accumulate lots of dirt. Removal of this accumulated dirt should be the first step since it will help make it easy to go about painting the exterior.

b.     Pressure washing

Take advantage of pressure washing technique to help get rid of any remain of paint use earlier on the surface you would like to paint especially with roof replacement. The best way to do this is to first off scrub the surface and then apply pressure washing. This step is very important because the water which comes off the wall not only cleanses it but also serves to keep it hydrated [remember to let the wall to dry off properly].

c.    Caulking

It involves sealing any joints and all other damages which may be on the exterior of the building. Caulking is very important because it helps make sure that water does not seep in to the surface set to be painted.

d.    Actual painting and application of stain

Before painting the exterior of the house take time to consult to find out the best colors. Once you have made up your mind determine the color shade for the exterior painting. In areas where paint seems not suitable apply stains.

Tips For Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

e.      Application of weather protection coating. 

After applying the paint and it has dried up properly, apply weather protection coat to help minimize the effect of weathering. This step marks the end of the exterior painting process.

The process of exterior painting should not only be focused on choosing the best exterior paint and contractor. While preparing to paint the exterior of your house, ask for rough estimates since this information will help you balance well the material need to turn into reality your personal exterior design painting statement. Remember to achieve a long lasting paint job, take time to prepare yourself and make sure you only use quality outdoor paint. In case you choose to hire a professional contractor, make sure that you discus with him details of your home and the materials which you intend to use.

House Paint

Considering how many colors and manufacturers there are out there, choosing house paint can be a bit tricky. You might need the help of an expert to give you a few tips here and there so you don’t waste money and do irreparable damage to your house. When it comes to house paint it’s important to know where to use it, which color and how to maintain it.

Most Recommended Interior House Paint Color

There are a few steps to take before choosing the best house paint:

  • Select product depending on your tentative budget.
  • Calculate cost and quantity of paint you will need for your entire house.
  • Select your choice of color, texture and patterns for your walls and
  • Find out where you will buy paint at the cheapest price possible. This will involve considering discounts, special offers and so forth.


Exterior House Paint Colors Ideas

Paints Suitable for Certain Application Methods

There are many methods of paint application and the choice can be affected by the type of finishes used. Some finishes are not compatible with some methods of application. This means that a good finishing work requires having the right materials, processing techniques and the right equipment.

  • Brushing is still the best method for large complex places. It’s versatile and helps assist paint to penetrate. It also reduces wastage of paint and its best for decorative or maintenance purposes. The best brush should be made of hog bristles. The best paint to use with brushing method is air drying type based on long oil length alkyds, distemper and emulsion. Fast evaporating solvents should not be used with a brush.
  • Roller application is best for floors and places that are far like ceiling. It’s faster than brushing. It’s economic because wastage is minimal and it gives controlled film weight and thickness. Paints suitable for rollers should be opaque, flexible, have excellent adhesion, have good flow and application characteristics, have great chemical resistance for the end use and have a hard mar proof film formation quality.
  • Spray application uses jet or fluid paint. There should be a right balance between air and the paint for atomization. Paints based on short oil alkyds and fast evaporating solvents like NC lacquer and xylene are excellent for spraying.


Bunte Farbeimer

Exterior House Paint Colors

  • Cement coating should be done within two hours of mixing with water.
  • New surface should be coated with an additional coat of self-priming with water
  • Horizontal surfaces like terrace boarders and chajjas should be painted an extra coat because of their exposure to water.
  • The body of the home should have a quiet color to give room to bolder accent colors. For example exterior house paint colors painted sage and the windows compliment with gold while the roof boast a blue shade. It can also have an earthy tone to blend with the surrounding. Blue, grey and beige colors are best for exterior.


Interior House Paint

  • Inside the house it should be bright so hide any dark colors with a lighter coat.
  • The interior house paint should have shiny gloss matching furniture and curtains.
  • The paint color should represent your personality.
  • Every room should be painted a different color but there should be a flow.
  • Pink, orange, cream yellow and light green are best for interior.

The Best House Paint Ideas

Roof Replacement

The roof of a house is subject to the most wear and tear due to weather conditions like rain and sun that cause damage. Being the only part of the house that protects people from such weather conditions and other harsh ones, the roof should be maintained regularly and need roof replacement if need be. Whether its maintenance, a new roof or home remodeling; house paint should be a big part of that. The roof should rhyme with the exterior of the house and the ceiling should match or at least go with the house interior colors. Mostly the roof is painted green, blue and brown or the roof tiles are bought that way and then the inside ceiling is painted white. The paint used should also be resistant to lichens like moss and algae. This can also be avoided by cleaning the roof regularly so the paint should be oil based to enhance easy cleaning and avoid discoloration. House paint is a big part of a home so a lot of thought should be put into it. Homeowners should consult the paint experts for more information.