House Siding Options: Dramatically Boost the Exterior Beauty of Your House

A house siding is the external covering of a house, designed to diffuse water and to protect it from any damages changing weather can cause. Appropriate house siding options are very important because it is one of the main factors in uplifting the aesthetic beauty of a house and the one of the key elements that can influence a house’ property value.

What Are The Best House Siding Options

House improvement is very addictive to most home owners. They love to enhance and improve their homes’ appearance. THe basic roof replacement and house siding is one of the most popular exterior project options most of the home owners consider. However, finding the correct material match is very significant in order to for you to achieve a dramatically boosting and uplifting image to your house.

Green Vinyl House Siding Options

Making The Right Decision

Here are several issues you should consider when making correct exterior house siding options;

  • You should consider longevity of a siding. A water resistant type of home siding options are always the best because it can stay and serve your house longer.
  • Facileness of installation is very important in choosing a siding especially when you are planning to install it on your own. Always check if it is in your skill set. Check if it requires special tools and does not make harmful dust while cutting.
  • Inspect the R-value rating for energy efficiency and know the things needed when insulation in the lower level of the cladding is concern.
  • Check if the siding is capable of serving a lot of things competently. The siding should be versatile when it comes to meeting the different needs of the specific work you want to achieve.
  • The life span of a siding is also necessary. You should consider its strength in resisting the harmful damage of the ever changing temperature. The siding should withstand the day to day wear and tear a certain climate can bring.

Vinyl house siding options are among of the most improved sidings nowadays. Before, vinyl sidings would easily fade, buckle and crack over time but have improved and has higher resistance over the years. Since it is a plastic siding and is manufactured, it may go with unlimited color choices.

Exterior Siding Options for Your House

Understanding Wood Options and Comparing Them

Your house siding options can also be made from plastic (vinyl), metal, wood, composite materials and masonry. Wood siding options are very flexible in style and can also be used on a wide option of homes and painted or stained in any color desired. Although repair and installation is relatively easy, wood siding stands in the need of more maintenance compared to some other popular solutions, constant treatment in every four to nine years depending on the condition of the elements to which it is being exposed to. Insects like ants or termites are harmful to many wood siding, and needs extra treatment. Wood is a fairly renewable source and is biodegradable. However, the paints and the stains that are used to maintain wood aren’t environmentally friendly and is toxic.

Metal siding comes in a wide options of metals, colors, and styles. It is often related with modern, vintage and industrialized building. Masonry sidings uses either brick or stone and can come in different styles showcasing from formal to rustic styles. It can also be painted to match any colors but is more beautiful if matched in some earth color tones.

Buyers Guide For Exterior House Siding Options

Making your house more beautiful is something most of you should consider. It is very fulfilling. Allowing your home to develop fully and beautifully can always bring contentment and happiness in each member of your family. If you decide to sell the house, it is for sure with greater value. Enhancing your house is always a reasonable project. It is always worth it.

House siding options should always be part of your considerations if you want a more attractive home. Aesthetics of your house is very important, so always know what is beautiful to you. The aspects and details of your home’s exterior image depends on how you define it, so it is always best to know what materials are you going to use to achieve what you wanted. You will love it, and others will definitely like it as well.

A Closer Look At Home Siding

A dilapidated house can be very embarrassing, especially if the exterior conditions of the house are questionable. If you are owning such a house, it can’t be avoided that you will be mistakably blamed for neglect, but this may not be the case. Weather and other factors had in one way or the other, a role to play in the current state of the house, paint peeling off or flaking off in certain parts. So, is there a solution for this? The answer is home siding, a practical and economical solution.

Types of House Siding

Home siding can be defined as the use of upright boards, or sheet substances, basically for the purposes of shedding water or to guard against the adverse weather effects. Siding is also a prolific contributor to the aesthetic beauty of a house.

Selecting the Best Home Siding

When choosing the siding, consider the following tips:

  • Choose water-resistant siding. These types of siding last longer compared to other types.
  • If you prefer to do the siding installation, ensure you go for the simplest. One that does not require much skill, special tools and is environmentally friendly( cutting it should not produce any hazardous dust)
  • Maintain the aesthetic beauty of the home. Ensure that it is beautiful and pleasing, since the siding will be in complete view.
  • Ensure that the siding is adaptable and satisfies the needs of the particular project.
  • The siding should be durable in that it should at least have strength to withstand temperature fluctuations and withstand the day to day wear and tear.


Premium Mobile Home Siding Replacement

Roof Replacement Projects

Roofs are highly susceptible to sustained wear and tear. When the roof is subjected to heat or rain, or even worse, adverse conditions like tornadoes and hailstorms, it will definitely succumb. Owing to the fact that the roof is of utmost importance in life, it then needs maintenance, scrutiny and repainting to give it extra strength to last another day.

Besides an aged leaky roof, what other reasons contribute to a replacement?

  • Home make-over –  many people currently focus on redesigning their aged homes or are simply fascinated by a make-over. Different people have different tastes and preferences ranging from less complex designs to classy, glamorous designs, all of which necessitate a replacement first. This is because roofs shelter the inside of the house. Thus principal tasks like ceiling replacement, painting or carpeting are made possible.
  • Lichens – a pile up of lichens on a roof with time will cause blotching and rotting of roof rafters and slowly, the roof is subjected to structural damage. If the accumulation is neglected for quite a long time, then this is substantial reason for replacement, since damage caused is hazardous.
  • Accidents caused by falling trees and branches will prompt a replacement. Falling leaves also if left to accumulate through the gutters affect the durability of the roof or even pierce it.

Cost of replacing a roof will depend on factors like material quality, roof size, and labor cost as well. Wood, metal, slate or rubber can be used to replace roofs.

DIY Home Siding Ideas

Mobile Home Siding

People owning mobile homes should be informed of the significance of having their homes lined up with siding. Siding will shield the mobile house from pests. It also helps prevent penetration of moisture and development of biotic contaminants like bacteria, mold or dust mites. With escalating energy costs, energy effectiveness is very significant, by siding your mobile house, you lengthen the life of your house, lessen energy costs and obtain profitable gains on investment.

An important point to note is that if your mobile home is made of flat roofing, an extension provision on the roof has to be made, to prevent water from accumulating behind the siding. Manufactured sidings that can fit a mobile house include vinyl siding, cedar siding, stone siding and aluminum siding.


Considering the Log Home Siding

Houses that are made of wood are susceptible to attack by insects, mold, and have high susceptibility to fire. Siding in these log cabin houses can be made of light mass strengthened concrete (commonly called fiber cement siding). This eliminates maintenance costs and other potential risks.

Log Home Siding Installation

Helpful Home Siding Ideas

One could try the following siding ideas for their house, depending on the nature of the house:

  • Stucco siding- stucco is a mixture of cement, water and unreactive materials like sand or lime. High quality stucco is durable.
  • Stone veneer siding – using stone like granite, is pretty expensive, stone veneers are therefore a more affordable option.
  • Cement fiber siding
  • Wood clapboard siding- With regular care, wood siding will outlive other siding techniques.

Home siding is very important in every home. It protects your investment from the wear and tear of the weather and improves the aesthetic value of your most priced investment.

A Beginner’s Guide On Installing Vinyl Siding

If you are looking for the best way to transform the exterior parts of your home, vinyl siding is the best option to try out. It involves easy home improvement techniques that will dramatically change the overall appearance and value of your house. The technique is favored by many people since it provides a long lasting and wonderful look at a very cost effective prices. It does not require afterwards maintenance procedures since it is highly resilient. It has been practiced since the early 1960 and currently it is growing into popularity. Since the introduction of this mechanism, roofers have witnessed the effects it has had on the building industry by reducing on the number of roof replacements. Those who are excited by the feeling the effect of wood in their siding can make use of vinyl shake siding which is commonly designed from western red cedar.

Vinyl Siding Design Ideas

Does Vinyl Require Painting?

Painting vinyl siding is unnecessary since most homeowners dread having their siding painted. Paint fades a short time giving you the hustle to repaint after short periods of time. Most contractors like the material since it can install quickly. Contractors can always avoid scheduling delays related to painting as a result of the wet effect caused by winters. After installation, they sustain less damage from the environment as compared to other siding alternatives such as wood. If it is installed in the right manner, homeowners can experience reduced heating bills in the years afterwards.

Vinyl Siding Color Options

Advantages of Installing Vinyl

Since it does not fade quickly, homeowners are subjected to lower maintenance costs with an overall better look of the home for a longer period of time. It does not undergo rotting, denting and peeling. Due to its resistance, it will never easily pickup any scratches that will interfere with the beautiful look of your exterior. At times it could accumulate some dirt but can be cleaned easily using water and soap. This is an inexpensive cleaning process as compared to other special treatment processes that have to be handled on the other types of siding.

There are a lot of styles and vinyl siding colors to choose from. Some types are modern and bold while other can create originality into a home by emulating old-style homes. The wide range of colors provides you with an opportunity to reignite your home with a new color or simply emulate and restore its old charming look.

Residential Vinyl Shake Siding

Preparations Before Installing Vinyl

Here are the easy step on preparing the installation of vinyl sidings;

  • Seal all the energy leaks and caulk all the cracks around the doors and windows.
  • If you are installing vinyl siding over an existing wood or brick-sided house, it is recommended that you install foil famed foam sheathing before installation. This material will increase the energy efficiency of your siding.
  • Ensure the trim is cut and nailed in the proper way. The special ways to deal with the trim are always published by every manufacturer in an installation handbook that comes along with the material. You must strictly follow the installation guideline to ensure that rain water does not interfere with the trim and the siding.
  • Vinyl and trim undergo expansion and contraction with changes in temperature. You must consider this possibility before the installation process begins. You will be required to install the corner posts at ¼ inch from the soft fit.


house construction

If you are planning to have a vinyl siding for your house, ensure you get an experienced contractor to handle for you the installation. After installation, it is good to occasionally check your siding and report any problems you find as soon as possible to your siding company.