Comprehensive Gutter Guard Reviews

Rain gutters are important component in directing water away from any building. Without it, the water falling off from the roof will erode the areas surrounding the house and then seep under the house destroying the foundation structure. The maintenance of these gutters, however, is not an easy task. Overtime, leaves, twigs and other debris collect in the open gutters clogging them and preventing water movement. If cleaning is not done in time, damaged gutters can become a health hazard. As a result, gutters need to be covered to prevent the debris from entering into the gutter. The following gutter guard reviews will assess the performance of different gutter guard types.

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It Normally Happens

Rain gutters are a part of the roofing system. Installing a roof with a gutter guard system or doing roof replacement in houses with gutter guard systems can be challenging to the roofers. Some careless actions during the roofing process can damage the gutter guards, which will need to be replaced, often, at a high price. Homeowners should ensure that the gutter guard is in a good condition before closing the deal with the roofers. This is what normally happens:

  • When roofers step off the ladder onto the roof, there is a high possibility of stepping onto the gutter guard often crushing it in the process.
  • During the ripping off of the old roof, roofers often push the old material down forcefully crushing the existing gutter guard or make roofing debris to enter into the gutters hence clog the downspout.
  • Sometimes, even when the roofers remove the gutter guard, they might fail to reinstall them correctly in the end.

It is necessary to gather sufficient information to complete various gutter guard reviews.

Good Reviews For Leaf Guard Gutter

Leaf Gutter Guards

Leaf gutter guards consist of flat and smooth aluminum panels with tiny holes that water can pass through while at the same time blocking the debris from passing through. The leaf gutter guard reviews can be rated depending on the following:

  • In terms of performance, large debris can be effectively prevented but small and tiny particles like sand and needle-like structures can pass through or even clog the small holes.
  • The panel surface is normally smooth and flat. This nature easily makes the leaves to slide but it can also make the wet leaves to stick to the panel and it would be better if they were made in a slanting position.
  • Aluminum is a good material, which can last longer, is water resistant, and does not rust. Leaf gutter guard panels are not very thick and even though it can resist heavy snow pressure, they might be left bent in most cases.
  • Leaf gutter guards are installed using screws and provided that the installation is properly done, they will remain stable over a long time. One will unfortunately have to seek for the services of a professional at a cost.


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Foam Gutter Guards

Foam gutter guards consist of sponge and foam, which are inserted, in the gutter. Foam gutter guard reviews can be attained by understanding its basic functions;

  • Like the leaf gutter guards, they prevent most of the large plant debris, but can allow smaller leaves and seeds to pass through which in the end clog the pores of the foam or sponge.
  • The main disadvantage with this type of gutter guards is that it needs to be highly maintained and regularly replaced as it is mostly affected by weathering and clogging.


Ratings and Reviews For Foam Gutter Guard Reviews

Rain Gutter Guards

The rain gutter guards are designed such that the vinyl panels have a flat stop on top and are followed by lower steps which form slots between two high ones and at the lower end of low steps are drainage channels formed by slots. Here are its pros and cons to create a comprehensive rain gutter guard reviews;

  • The design of rain gutter guards allows all kinds of debris-large and small to be filtered out while at the same time preventing the debris from sticking to its surface due to its slanting nature.
  • It is easy to install
  • It has narrow drainage channels and thin slots which can be clogged easily
  • Vinyl material, which is used, is not strong enough to sustain the pressure from snow. It can also be damaged by UV rays from the sun.

It is necessary to use a gutter guard system but before deciding on the many types that are available in the market, look at the various gutter guard reviews in order to make an informed decision.