Gutter Topper: The best protection System for Gutter Systems

Although owning a home in an area surrounded with trees can be very beautiful, this type of environment can constantly clog your gutters. When gutters fail to serve their purpose [that is directing rain water properly for disposal], then the misdirected water after a downpour will most likely damage the landscape of the home consequently causing flooding either inside or outside of the house. Good news is you can still enjoy staying in an area surrounded by trees without worrying about flooding or any other inconveniences caused by failure of the gutter system without raising any gutter topper complaints. The permanent fix to this problem is take advantage of gutter topper, though slightly costly, they serve as a guarantee to significantly reduce gutter maintenance costs while at the same time increasing the value of the home.

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Below is an overview of the gutter topper and a details of its review explaining why it serves as the ultimate protection system which prevents problems with the gutter system from occurring.

A.     Features of gutter toppers

Gutter toppers are designed with a defense system which has been tested and found to able of withstanding strong winds of speeds of up to 110 miles-per-hour. Apart from this, the product is also designed to withstand weights of up to 1,200 pounds for every square inch. These products also feature a sleek design with serves to provide protection to the gutter system from leaves, branches and any other debris by directing them off the roof. In addition to the entire above, gutter toppers are also able to withstand heavy downpours falling at 22 inches per hour.

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B.     How gutter toppers work

Gutter systems are usually designed to help move water away from the household as possible to reduce the extent of damage caused by misdirected water. However, once in a while gutters tend to over flow hence they end up pouring water directly on the ground as a result gradually degrading the home’s foundation. Sometimes, this overflow of misdirected water as already mentioned can lead to flooding outside or even inside of the house in the process causing damage of the items within the house and also the roof itself sometime even prompting a complete roof replacement.

Gutter toppers are there to help deal with such inconveniencing situations. Their design features a roof valley diversion system for water. This pushes any excess water flowing through the gutter system throughout a relatively large surface area consequently pushing water far away from around the foundation are of the home. This in turn helps minimize any form of damages commonly caused by the overflow of misdirected water.


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In short, according to gutter topper experts, these products take advantage of surface tension to make sure that all kinds of debris are directed to the ground and not into the gutters. It is this prevention of the entry of debris into the gutters system that prevents clogging.

C.     Advantage of gutter topper systems 

According to gutter topper assessments, using these devices to protect your gutter system has several advantages. For instance:

  • Gutter toppers help water to flow smoothly into the gutters. In addition to this, during winter any ice or snow that lands of the topper easily slides off consequently reducing any possibilities of the accumulation of water in the gutter.
  • The toppers are very sturdy hence are less prone to damage as a result of the packing of ice.
  • They are very strong. They are professionally fitted hence able to withstand winds traveling at speeds of up to 110 miles per hour


Reviews For Gutter Topper

According to topper reviews, these devices though able to match very well with the roofs of most houses, durable and reliable, they are not perfect. This is because they still need to be cleaned once in a while in order to maintain the high level of efficiency. The frequency of cleaning will depend on the area in which you live in, for instance in some areas you may need to clean the toppers at intervals of two years where as in other areas you will need to do the cleaning say after five years.