How Solar Roof Shingles Work and When To Get One

In an average household, everyone is encouraged to save energy in any way possible. This has lead for individuals and companies to produce and use energy in a more conservative fashion. There are several sources of the so-called alternative energy and solar energy is one of the favorite. In recent times, the harvest of the energy from the sun has made another major breakthroughs in the form of the solar roof shingles. Solar roof have been around for quite some time but not everyone has shown some interest in a roof replacement project because of a reason or two.

A Brief Look on Solar Roof Tiles Shingles

The introduction of the solar roof shingles have paved a greater way to make a traditional shingle roof turn into an energy producer. It is the newest advancements solar energy had taken recently. Solar power roof shingles are high level shingles that protects the roof from the harmful effect of the weather. It is also designed to control and make use of the power of the sun, making it a usable electricity. It definitely is the newest innovation and diversified green roofing product in the past years.

Photovoltaic shingles or the solar roof shingles uses solar technology to produce electricity from the sun and at the same time protect your roof like what the ordinary asphalt shingle does. It is always necessary to understand and know how these things work.

Men Installing Solar Roof Shingles

How Does It Work?

  • Solar roof tiles shingles operates like solar panels. They make use of the power of the sun to become its source in order to create electricity.
  • Each and every solar shingle is made up of photovoltaic cells. This has been used for a while and is utilized on satellites in the space. Photo is defined as light and the voltaic word means electricity. The process is told by its name, which means they get light and turn it into electricity.
  • Every cell on the solar panel roof shingles or even just on solar shingles has kind of material that is known as semi conductors. One of the most popular semi conductors used in photovoltaic cells is the silicon. When the light hits the solar shingle, a part of it is captured inside the silicon semi conductor.  The semi conductor then has energy and when gets loosed, can move freely.
  • The free flowing energy electrons are acted upon by the PV cells or the Photovoltaic cells’ electric field and are pushed to go in one direction. Through this, it can create a current that can be utilized for electrical power. Basically, this is how solar shingles work.


Through the years, solar shingles have come a long way when it comes to improvement. In fact it is the best option for making a roof turn into an energy creator. It has made its breakthrough after 2008 when the thin –film solar cells achieved a 19-19.9 % energy conversion through the United States’ Dept. of Energy which is way far ahead from the previous percentage which is just above 10%. This was because they came out by utilizing a copper indium gallium diselenide or commonly known as CIGD solar cells. Right now, because of this, solar shingles became a much more capable of working properly.

Energy Saving With Solar Power Roof Shingles

There are a lot of things you should consider before you make your decision whether it is necessary for you to use the solar roof shingles. Definitely, the cost is always the no.1 question that pops your head. The amount of money you will spend varies. The cost basically depends on what state you are making your purchase because prices vary from state to state. You should also consider on how big the system you want it to be installed. The prices of this kind of shingles also varies depending on the brand and the manufacturer. To help you isolate things better, always determine how big is the roof that you are planning to do, the pitch of the roof is also important. Know if your state offers tax incentives. Also check if you have a local certified solar shingles installer. Through this, you would be able to identify what option is best for you.