Role of Cement Paint in Home Improvement

Cement paint is one of the cost-effective exterior wall finish design and boost the interior decoration of buildings. It protects the building from weather changes and it is not affected by algae and fungi therefore preserving the house. It works well when applied on a plaster surface, concrete surface and bricks.

Waterproof Cement Paint

Home decoration makes the environment attractive and smart. Cement paint colors make it match with the other colors of the house. This is done by the use of cement paint to make decorations on the walls therefore making them well elegant. The following are the most important factors that one should consider while painting a concrete wall:

  • Choose cement paint that is appropriate for your outdoor and indoor project and prior to this check whether the wall is sealed from the moisture so as to apply primer. For the outdoor, use oil-based paints and for the indoors an interior acrylic paint is also preferable.
  • Concrete wall should be clean. A power washer can be used in case of external projects but if it is an interior one, use a soapy water to scrub the wall along with a scrubbing brush.
  • Use a concrete patch to fix cracks in your walls if any. Prepare the concrete patch mixture and fill the holes and use a trowel to level the patch so that it can match the surface of the wall.
  • Use a tape plastic sheeting to check the wall for moisture for a period of one day. If there is moisture within the plastic, then seal the wall but if there is no any moisture, the wall is now sealed.
  • Apply one coat of concrete primer and allow it to dry for a period of one day. Roll on concrete paint sealer then cover with two coats and allow it to dry between the layers. This helps in making the paint stick to the wall making it long lasting.

The paint type to use depends with the project at hand. Outdoor concrete requires paints that will be tolerant to frequent weather changes. For indoors, a long lasting paint is preferred especially in a high traffic area. Paint texture should also be considered as slicker paints when dry are not appropriate for flooring.

Applying Cement Floor Paint

Roof replacement is one key consideration in home renovation workflow in a renovation project. Here are simple steps of roof replacing process when one is renovating.

  • All the shingles should be removed by use of a roll-off.
  • Replace the bad wood with plywood and if some roof are in good conditions make minor repairs.
  • Make an ice dam protection to prevent ice-melt from draining away and cause damage into the house. This is followed by asphalt paper.
  • Apply the shingles from the eaves then working upward.
  • Apply flashing in all areas where leaks might come into the house and install the ridge event.


Find The Best Reliable Cement Floor Paint

Painting a concrete floor improves the outlook of a floor and seals it. This is made so by cement floor paint. To get the best results, it is advisable to give it a period of two weeks. After selecting the proper coating for your floor, carry out the following procedures.

  • The concrete must be properly cleaned to enable the sealers and paints to combine.
  • Apply the sealer two or three coats on the floor and after each layer use a roller to smooth the sealer over the concrete.
  • Pour the primer into a paint dish and immerse a paint roller into the primer.
  • Roll it onto the floor and this is done in even strokes.
  • Paint the concrete floor by use of masonry paint immersed in a paint tray and dip the masonry roller and coat it well.
  • Roll the masonry paint over the floor several times.
  • Allow the paint cement floor to dry by giving it a period of one day and for best results, apply 2-3 coats.

Different individuals prefer different colors in their houses. High traffic areas are always tricky to paint; the most preferred color is dark neutral in such a case as it remains unchanged. Children’s playrooms should not be painted red as it has a lot of effects in children leading to hostility. A sky blue with yellow along with red stripes will be the most preferred. Other places includes; kitchens and bathrooms.

Guide On How To Paint Cement Floor

Proper home renovation projects should be done regularly to ensure our homes are neat and appealing to us at all times.