Steel Roof Pros and Cons

The steel roof is commonly used in many homes compared to other types of metal roofing materials available in the market. This type of roof is generally sturdy and has been technologically advanced through a painting process to ensure that it does not fade or rust easily. Many companies that manufacture these metal roofs give them different levels of texture, as well as finishes to alter their appearance. It is common to find the different types of steel roof shingles having an appearance that does not resemble the original shiny look that they have been known for, for many years.

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The installation of a steel roof can be done by a roofing contractor or as part of a DIY project depending on the preference of the homeowner. Most times, homeowners prefer to do the installation themselves to save money and also because it is easier to do even for those that are not highly skilled in roofing. The installation of steel roofs can be done as part of roof replacement or to repair parts of a roof that have been damaged resulting in leaks. It is important that the work done on the roof be of quality and using the appropriate tools to ensure that the longevity of the roofing is not affected negatively.

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Pros and cons of a steel roof

The preference for steel roofs in the construction of residential homes and a number of commercial properties is evident that the metal roofing has a number of benefits to offer. On the other hand, installing a steel roof can also have its drawbacks that need to be considered before making a commitment to purchase it.


  • Lightweight – When compared to other common types of roofing material, these types of roofs are generally light in weight. They can be installed on different types of properties without causing any stress to the structure and thus eliminating the need of a lot of reinforcement even when steel roof trusses are used.
  • Fire resistant – Even though the roof made of steel material comes into direct contact with the sun’s rays it does not heat up too much to cause a fire. The main reason for this is that the material is resistant to fire and thus protects the structure from being engulfed from any type of fire.
  • Easy installation – In earlier times, these roofs were used to replace damaged ones by being placed on top of them thus making the process much easier. However, this practice has since been discontinued but it has not affected the process as the removal of old roofs and their replacement with steel roof panels is still much faster when compared to others.


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  • Prone to rusting – Rust is one of the elements that dim the overall appearance of homes with steel roofing and can even lead to its replacement. However, there are some of these roofs that are coated with special plastic that reduces the chances of them getting corroded and makes them resistant to rust as well. It is therefore important to specifically order for steel roofing that is coated to ensure that they last longer.
  • Expensive – The initial investment in metal roofs made from steel is generally steep but the later benefits overshadow it. However, it is important to compare prices of this type of roofing to ensure that they are of good quality and the cost is within the budget.


Ideas For Steel Roof Replacement

In general, steel roofing is an investment that should be considered by property owners seeking quality roofing material.  The maintenance cost of the roofing is also minimal which saves money in the long run.