Understand Your Wood Shingles

Wood shingles or also known as a wood shake is a substitute for standard asphalt single. This can be utilized in a residential roofing job for the fact that it has a genuine look. Wood shakes carry different colors, widths, thicknesses, and cuts, which results in an exceptional roof full of character. There are many reasons to use a wood shake roof on a residential structure, however you can also find some disadvantages that you must be aware. For a typical homeowner who plans to use this type of material, it is best that you study its overall features and before making a decision. The decision must be well thought of because it is not something that can be replaced easily when a mistake is done. Thus, a smart homeowner should study their homework first and gather enough information for the intended project.

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Draw Backs of Wood Shingles

Except if it is efficiently repaired and maintained, wood shake shingles will never last, provided that the  roof is constructed from other materials. Rot, insects, and mold present problems with this kind of shingle. From an ecological point of view, wood shakes are not suitable as they cannot be reused. Additionally, wood is not the perfect material to utilize for fire safety reasons. The wipe-on or spray fire retardants utilized on the shakes last for just a few years and offer less protection towards fires.

Roofers have much more complicated job once they set up wood shakes in contrast to standard asphalt shingles. The caliber of the wood shakes as well as the experience level of the roofer, will greatly affect the overall quality of the fixed roof. The ideal forms of wood shakes are manufactured from large cedar tree and heartwood..

Techniques For Wood Shake Shingles

Advantages of Wood Shingles

Wood roof shingles offer energy saving benefits primarily because of it insulating capacity. This also provides the roofing with breathability. Roof shingles are put on felt rows on top of small openings that allows proper air flow. Fire retardant is infused on pressure treated wood shakes, making these to match the national requirements for fire protection. A pressure-treated wood shingle can last longer compared to one crafted from another kind of wood.

As oppose to not being recyclable, wood shakes are made of natural materials, nearly all created from renewable types of trees. When the wood is treated, it is not at risk of weather-related damage. This enables the roof to resist rain, sun, wind, and snow for a longer period without having to be replaced.

Weathered Wood Shingles Design Ideas

Brand new wood shingles or siding clapboards occasionally appear too for new homeowners. A number of household owners opt for the appearance of a weathered wood. When you’re one of them, you may get the same weathered wood shingles look of your newly installed siding and shingles.

Applying the right topical treatments and keeping the roof clear and clean, can help lengthen the lifespan of your wood shake roofing. For that reason, just taking all of these few steps yearly will save you big money in roof replacement expenses. However, when you successfully do all the maintenance needed on your roof, never expect it to endure as compared with asphalt shingles.

Awesome Wood Roof Shingles Design

In the long run, although wood shakes or shingles have a huge number of benefits, they can be not as sturdy as some other roofing options. This is all down to you if this gorgeous wood shingle roofing is worth for you and your home. They have an incomparable appeal against other roofing alternatives. It remains a favorite with other homeowners who owns a house that demands this type for aesthetic purposes then functionality, in that order.