All About Foam Roofing

In recent years, foam roofing has become quite popular for both residential and commercial properties in the area. The roofing whose application is done in form of a spray provides the much needed insulation from hot air during the summer months while keeping in warm air when the weather is much colder. Furthermore, the foam has water proof properties that are natural and this makes it ideal for homeowners that want to avoid roof leakage in the future. When considering roof replacement using this roofing material, these unique properties should be a guide in making the final decision.

The Truth About Spray Foaming


For effective repair work to be done on these types of roofs, there is need to purchase spray foam roofing kits at a local supply store. These kits have a number of items in them that make the repair process much easier to do as a DIY project. Some of the materials as well as tools to expect when buying the kits include foam, nozzles, cloth, soap, bucket, water, gloves and spray tips among others. These items make it easy to work on different types of foam roofing like a professional. Nevertheless, any repair work on the foam roof can also be done by an experienced professional from a roofing company.

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Reasons to Invest In Foam Roofing

Although there are many types of roofing materials that can be used on both residential and commercial properties, foam roofing is still considered one of the best. The main reason for its preference among others is the various benefits that it offers its users. Some of the benefits of installing foam roofs are:

  • First, these roofs last longer when compared to other types of roofing materials sold in many supply stores. They are rigid enough and can even be walked on without getting damaged or needing repair later on. In addition, some of the roofs such as polyurethane foam roofing have unique properties that make them leak proof an ideal for areas such as edges, pipes and vents where they form a wedge that cannot be penetrated.
  • Second, foam roofs are light in weight which makes them an ideal choice for property owners that do not want to stress a structure. Furthermore, they can be used for re-roofing as they can be easily placed over a roof that already exists without removing it. However, this kind of re-roofing is not as common as in earlier times.


Portable Spray Foam Roofing Kits

  • Third, insulation is one of the unique features that spray foam roofing offers its users and makes it unable to soak water. The boards that are used to cover the roof area have an insulating material that makes it impossible for it to develop leaks which is a challenge for many other roofing materials. However, it is important that the initial installation be done properly so as to enjoy its waterproofing qualities.
  • Fourth, this type of roofing can be used on different types of roof regardless of their size or shape. The versatility that foam roofs offer makes them a great alternative for some roofing materials that are not flexible and can only be used on particular roofs. Nevertheless, it is important to pick the right type of foam to be used on the roof.
  • Lastly, the long lifespan of foam roofs makes them an investment that results in long term savings for those that use them on residential as well as commercial properties. The roofs are less likely to need repair within a few years or even be replaced which is a benefit for homeowners.


About Polyurethane Foam Roofing


Overall, foam roofs are ideal for new and old roof surfaces and should be the first consideration for homeowners that consider roofing an important investment.