Fundamentals of Metal Roof Installation

Proper metal roof installation is important for any home or commercial property that chooses to use metal roofs as part of their structure. These roofs are available in different types of metal which give property owners an opportunity to select the one that they prefer most.

The Basics Of Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

Some of the metals are more durable than others but when compared to other types of roofing materials, they are still the best. There are a number of companies that offer metal roofs for installation either as roof replacement or for repair depending on the condition of the roof. Therefore, it is important to browse through a number of company websites or stores to select the best roof and have it installed.

How to Metal Roof Installation

Doing it professionally

Most times, metal roof installation is done by a professional who is skilled enough in putting any type of roof regardless of the structure. These professional roofers can be hired from a company or as a freelancer to work on different kinds of roof such as the standing seam metal roof installation that is considered to be a challenge for many people.

However, for some other types of metal roofs whose installation process is easier can be done as a DIY project as a way of cutting costs or even building up skills in these kinds of installations. Even so, it is important that the right tools are used and the roof is installed in the best way possible to avoid any damage to it in the near future.

How To Install Metal Roof Installation Over Shingles

Important rules for metal roof installation

Although metal roofs are the best in the market, the manner in which they are installed goes a long way in ensuring that they are of service for many years. Therefore, it is important that some metal roof installation rules be observed to ensure that it is done well and for the benefit of the property owner. Some of these important rules are:

  • When installing metal roofs it is important to ensure that you are safe while working to avoid any serious injuries. Wear gloves that are coated with rubber as a protective measure against the metal edges of the roof that are usually sharp. Furthermore, the gloves also help in maintaining a firm grip on various tools and materials being used in the installation.
  • To cut the metal panels that are to be used for metal roof installation over shingle, use a box cutter for a while on them, then bend them to the front and back until they break off. This kind of cutting ensures that the edges are cut properly and easy to use when installing and also contributes to the overall appearance of the roof.
  • If possible, pre- drill the holes in which the fasteners or screws will be placed to ensure that they are in a straight line. The holes ensure that the screws are fastened faster, thus making the roof installation to go much faster and secure the roof much better regardless of the type of metal roof.
  • Make sure the fasteners are put in straight and they are not too tight when being positioned on the metal roof. The best way to ensure that they are fastened just enough during corrugated metal roof installation is to set a drill tension that has been pre-tested on another similar piece of metal so that the result is satisfactory. Finally, brush off metal fillings or shavings that may be on the roof after completing installation to avoid any rust marks on the metal roof.


A Brief Look At Corrugated Metal Roofing

Metal roofs once installed properly will be an asset for any type of building for many years. Even so, the installation process should be done in a professional manner whether by a roofing company or as a DIY project.

Basic Information on Standing Seam Metal Roof

The standing seam metal roof gets its name from the raised seams that are joined by fasteners and are located above the metal roofing.  The seams are usually found in sandwiched between the panels which run across the ridge to the eaves in the roof making them look quite different from those that are flush mounted. Many homes that have metal roofing have this kind of seam as part of their construction, which makes them one of the most popular roofing materials for property owners. However, when looking at metal standing seam roof, it is not possible to see the fasteners as they are concealed resulting in a continuous ridge that is smooth and extends from the top to the bottom.

Residential Metal Standing Seam Roof

Among the types of metal roofing that is available in the market, the standing seam metal roof is characteristically different. The roof has distinct features that make it stand out and they include the method of installation which can be a bit hard to do especially as a DIY project. Also, the metal roof is made from a different material and its size as well as shape is not the same as the common metal roofing materials that are used on many properties. Nevertheless, the installation costs of a standing metal seam roof are still considered to be as high as those of other similar roofing materials.

The Basics of Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Pros and Cons of A Standing Seam Metal Roof

The decision to invest in a standing seam metal roof is one that many property owners have made and quite a number have benefited from it. However, for those considering the use of the roofing material for the first time, it is important to have as much information on it as possible in order to make an educated decision.


  • The durability of metal roofs with a standing seam is unmatched and goes a long way in establishing this type of roofing as a long term investment. The material used in its construction rarely disintegrates which makes the possibility of roof replacement quite minimal.
  • It is available in a variety of colors which makes it an ideal choice for homeowners that want to express their personal style through their roofing. Majority of standing seam metal roof colors can be used to enhance the existing exterior décor of the home and increase its aesthetic value as well.
  • The seams used in the construction of the roof are located above the roofing panel which reduces the chances of moisture getting into the roof and causing damage. Also, the number of seams used is limited in number thus making the roof much stronger.
  • The overall look of metal roofs with standing seams is a mix of contemporary as well as country style home. They also have a modern flair because of the sleek lines that make the roof resemble warehouses that were seen in the past years.


How ton Install Standing Seam Metal Roof


  • Although quite popular with a number of homeowners, these metal roofs with seams do not have many contactors willing to install them. Furthermore, the special skills needed in the installation may also be lacking in some companies thus making the installation prices go much higher especially when being done by a professional roofer.
  • Even as this particular metal roofing has a number of colors available in the market they are a bit limited when compared to other types of roofing materials. The colors in which these metal roofs are available are basically natural greens and earthy tones.


Standing Seam Metal Roofing Design Ideas


Overall, metal roofs with standing seams are worth investing in as a homeowner that wants to avoid replacing their roof in the coming years. The roof has both an aesthetic as well as functional value to those that decide to use it.

An Overview of Metal Roofing

The beauty and functionality that metal roofing brings to a home has made it quite popular and an alternative to the common asphalt tiles. These types of roofs are ideal for many types of properties that are looking to invest in quality roofing for the long term. Even though roofs made from metal seem to be placed in one category, it is important to note that they are of different types with the most common ones being galvanized steel, aluminum, copper and corrugated metal roofing among others. Most of these roofs can be bought from the various companies that manufacture them, which makes it easier to use them as part of the construction of a home or commercial property.

Differenty Types of Metal Roofing

It is good to note that the initial installation of metal roofing is much higher than that of other roofing materials but this should not be discouraging when compared to the long term benefits it offers its users. The installation can be done as a DIY project depending on the type of metal roofing and the skills that one has in roofing. However, for more complicated roofing projects, it is advisable to engage the services of a professional roofing company for satisfactory results.

Long-Lasting Metal Roof Panels

Why You Need Metal Roofing

Even though there are a number of roofing materials that are made available by a number of companies, metal roofs still take the top spot and with good reason. Some of the advantages of using metal roofing in both residential and commercial properties include:

  • Variety

When shopping for metal roofs, it is common to find them categorized according to styles, textures and metal roofing colors. The variety offered to those looking for a unique look to their home as well as a protective cover makes this type of roofing worth the investment.  These metal sheets that make up the roof can be layered to provide a unique effect on any type of building. However, it is important to select the most suitable style of metal roof that will complement the overall design of the home.

  • Longevity

The fact that metal roofs can still be of use after thirty or sixty years makes them one of the most sought after roofing materials in the market. These roofs record minimal disintegration as well as decomposition which makes roof replacement an expense that is not considered in the near future by many homeowners. In addition, it is made of lightweight material which reduces stress on walls as well as rafters thus resulting in them lasting longer.

  • Fire resistant

Naturally, metal roofs are resistant to fire thus making them ideal for use in areas that frequently experience wild fires or intense heat during warm weather. They offer effective protection for the structure by creating a surface that is cannot catch fire regardless of the heat. The ability of the metal used in the construction of the roofing panels to contract as well as expand makes it a good choice for any kind of weather.

Guide To Corrugated Metal Roofing

  • Money and energy saver

The ability of metal roofs to reflect the energy from the sun results in the reduction of heating as well as electricity costs in the home. During hotter months, the roof is able to keep the home cool thus lessening the use of air conditioning. Also, metal roofing panels play an important role in positive environmental impact as they can be made from recycled material.

All About Metal Roofing Colors

Bottom Line

Overall, metal roofs are worth every penny and a great way to invest in your future home. The roof is considered the crown of any structure and thus should be chosen wisely and installed in a professional manner.

A Brief Look into Corrugated Metal Roofing

Corrugated metal roofing has been in use for many decades and is made out of several metal plates that overlap each other. The characteristic shape of the roof plays a big role in its durability as well as overall appearance which have made it a favorite of homeowners as well as commercial property owners as well. Although made of aluminum or steel which are considered to be lightweight, this type of roofing has been made sturdy because of its standard shape. Furthermore, it is available in different types such as galvanized corrugated metal roofing which is resistant to rust as well as corrosion.

Guide To Corrugated Metal Roofing

There are a number of reasons for the popularity of corrugated metal roofing among many property owners. Some of these reasons include the fact that it is not heavy thus making it ideal for structures that cannot hold too much weight on the walls. Furthermore, these roofs last very long thus reducing the possibility of roof replacement which is a challenge for many people seeking roofing material.  Also, they are friendly to the environment because they can be easily recycled and also reflect light during warm climates resulting in the reduction of air conditioning bills in the home.

Techniques On Installing Corrugated Metal Roofing

DIY corrugated metal roofing installation

Apart from having a number of advantages when compared to other types of roofing materials, you can easily install corrugated metal roofing on your own. It can be installed in garages as well as out sheds within a short amount of time especially if you have the right tools for the job. Some of the simple steps to do when installing corrugated metal roofing include:

  • The first step is to prepare the surface on which the metal roof is to be placed by removing rotten wood, old roofing and other debris among others. After the surface has already been cleaned add roofing felt on the surface to prevent any water from getting into contact with the other parts of the building.


  • The second step is to determine how many corrugated metal roofing panels are needed so that the whole roof area is covered.  When making the decision on the amount of roofing panels to buy, it is important to have in mind that they should overlap and thus should be bought with some extras.  In addition, ensure that the roofing panels are bought from a reputable company and are of high quality.


Find The Best Corrugated Metal Roofing Panels

  • The third step is to lay the first sheet at one corner of the roof surface but it should overhang at least two inches over the edges. At one of the corners at the top of the sheet, drill a single hole being careful not to touch the ridge then fasten it using a screw or nail. The corrugated metal sheet should be safely nailed to the wood before adding another sheet on top.


  • The fourth step is to place another sheet on top of the first one and fasten it well but making sure that it overlaps at least three inches or even four. If possible, ensure that each sheet lines up with the ridges, so that the roof becomes tighter thus resulting in easier drilling of the screws that hold them together.


  • Finally, continue with the same process when adding the other corrugated sheets making sure that they are well secured. After covering the whole area, test it to ascertain that there are no loose panels or areas that can allow water to seep in.


Galvanized Corrugated Metal Roofing Design Ideas


Overall, roofing made up of corrugated metal sheets is a great choice for both home and commercial properties. They can also be painted to give them a different look from others that are available in the market.

About Metal Roofing Prices

The use of metal roofs in various buildings has gradually been increasing regardless of the metal roofing prices that are considered to be a bit high. There are different types of metal roofs that are available in the market with the most common being corrugated and sheet metal that are ideal for both residential as well as commercial buildings. Most people that invest in this type of roofing do so as an investment that will last them many decades. It is common to find a home that has asphalt shingle roofs having roof replacement done almost twice before a metal roof is repaired for minor damage.

Prices For Sheet Metal Roofing

Even as metal roofing prices play a great role in their purchase, their other advantages such as durability and overall appearance also contribute to their popularity. There are a number of companies that sell these metal roofs as part of their collection, and they do so at varied prices. Therefore, it is important to research as much as possible on the prices in the market while comparing them so as to get the best price. There are a number of resources available both online and through printed material that help provide insight on the costs attached to metal roofs thus giving property owners and opportunity to get cheap metal roofing prices.

All Metal Roofing Prices

Tips on Finding Information on Metal Roofing Prices

The best way to find metal roofing prices that can fit within the budget set aside for buying a roof is through doing some research. There is a lot of information provided by experts on roofing materials as well as customers that have used metal roofs online which can be of great help when looking for the best prices. Some of the tips for getting such information on metal roofs include:

  • First, it is vital to have an idea of the kind of metal roofs that you would like to use in your home or commercial building. There are different types to choose from but not all of them are appropriate for every type of roofing project. Most times, the pricing information is given according to the type of metal roof that is to be purchased by an individual or company.


  • Second, use search engines to locate various websites that have information on the current pricing of metal roofing. The search engines are able to display various pages with such content when an appropriate keyword is placed in the search area. When looking for specific information such as sheet metal roofing prices, then these words should be put in the search area so that the relevant pages can be displayed.


Red Corrugated Metal Roofing Prices

  • Third, websites of companies that provide roofing services in your local area are also a good source of pricing for metal roofs. Most times, the company is able to send information to clients that make inquiries on the roofs, which makes it easy to compare the prices and choose the most affordable one among them.


  • Fourth, metal roofing manufactures also have brochures on their sites or printed versions that outline their various products and the prices at which they are being sold. For example, corrugated metal roofing prices may be cheaper at the manufacturer’s premises rather than at retail company that acts as the middleman between the two of you. Therefore, it is important to contact a number of them before making a final decision.


Roof Replacement Specialist


Overall, people interested in buying metal roofing should be aware that their initial price is generally high. However, when considered as an investment the price fades away when compared to the advantages the metal roofs provide to a property owner.

Facts about Metal Roof Cost

Among the roofing options that are available to homeowners, roofs made of metal are the most popular regardless of their cost. The metal roof cost has been a deciding factor for many people looking to buy roofing for a variety of buildings both residential and commercial. There are different types of metal roofs that are available in the market and can be bought depending on the type roofing that is desired. They all have a variety of benefits attached to them making them a great source of debate when the discussion on cost of metal roof vs shingles comes up between roofing professionals and homeowners as well.

Guide For Roof Replacement

Although the metal roof cost remains the focus when talking about this type of roofing, there are many advantages that it has over other roofs. Some of the well known benefits of using metal roofs are that they give the home an appearance that is pleasant especially because it can be painted in different colors and can even be designed to imitate other materials. Furthermore, they last longer than other roofing materials which reduces the chances of roof replacement in the near future for the benefit of the home owner. Most times, a metal roof that is sealed as well as painted on a regular basis as a protective measure against weather elements and moisture can be of use for many years after installation.

All About Metal Roof Cost

Factors That Influence Metal Roof Cost

The cost of metal roof has continued to be higher because of the benefits that it offers those who choose to use it on their buildings. Even so the costs that are found in various stores that sell this type of roofing are affected by certain factors which include:

  • Roof provider – The company or even individual that is selling the metal roof has the right to set the price at which they will sell their products. The grade of the metal roof will determine its cost which is determined by the thickness of the alloy coating that that helps it resist corrosion.  It is therefore common to find a number of stores selling metal roofs at different prices, which then brings about the need to compare them before making the final decision.


  • Lifespan – The durability of metal roofs is one of the biggest factors that affect their cost as they cannot be compared with other roofing materials in the market. It has the ability to save a homeowner a lot of money because they can be of good use for up to fifty years with minimal repairs or maintenance needed for them to maintain their original appearance.


The True Cost Of A Metal Roof

  • Average market cost – At times, the metal roof cost per square fluctuates because of a number of factors resulting in the increase or decrease in price of the roof. It is therefore common to find, that metal roofing that was being sold at a certain price last month has almost doubled in the next month because if the market prices. The best way to beat this fluctuating market is to engage a metal roofer and get an estimate so that they can be able to do the installation at the agreed price even if the price changes.


  • Installation – Even after buying the metal roof, there are still installation charges to consider and this contributes to the overall cost of the roofing material. When a professional roofer is hired to do the installation, the costs are likely to be much higher than when it is done as a DIY project.


Know The Cost For Metal Roof  Per Square

In general, the metal roof cost may seem excessive at the initial purchase but the subsequent benefits far outweigh the price. If in doubt of purchasing metal roofing, seek professional advice to make an informed choice.