Copper Roofing Basics

Copper roofing is basically a certain number of copper sheets that have been joined together by seams to form a covering against various weather elements. This type of roofing is not very common but is gaining popularity among homeowners that are looking for alternatives to the traditional roofing materials. At the initial purchase, this type of roofing can be somewhat expensive but this is usually paid off in the coming years as the copper roofing material requires minimum maintenance to keep its original appearance. When such roofs are maintained well, they can be of use for many years without need for major repairs or even replacement.

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Nevertheless, the installation of copper roofing is not very easy and needs to be done with a lot of care to ensure that the copper sheets being used are not damaged. It is important to have adequate time and even skills when doing the installation as a DIY project to ensure that the work is done well. Most times, the installation process can take twice as much time as that of traditional roofing materials such as asphalt. On the other hand, homeowners can hand over the roof replacement process using copper sheets or shingles to professionals from a roofing company to do the work on their behalf as most of them have experience with such installations.


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Advantages and Disadvantages of Copper Roofing

When considering replacing your current roof with a copper one, there are a number of benefits to expect from having one installed. However, there are some minor disadvantages attached to the metal roofing as well that also need to be considered before making the final decision.


  • DurableThe lifespan of a roof made from copper sheets is usually fifty years or more especially when maintained well. The roofing is quite strong and is resistant to various weather conditions that are considered to be harsh. It is also resistant to fire which makes it an ideal roof cover for people that live in areas that are known for wildfires that can easily destroy a home.  
  • Light weightWhen compared to many of the traditional roofing materials, a copper roofing sheet is very light because they do not put any stress on the internal structures of a building. As the main covering for the structure, its weight plays a big role in ensuring that there is no damage on any part of the building regardless of the weather condition.
  • Unique appearanceCopper has a distinctive look which makes it stand out when installed as roofing for the home. It usually adds beauty to the exterior of the home and can be enhanced using various copper adornments such as chimney caps, cupolas and awnings among others. Furthermore, the visual appeal offered by this particular metal roof plays a part in the increase of its resale value as well.
  • Environment friendlyAs compared to other roofing materials, copper roofs do not give off any chemical fumes over a period of time. They roofing conserves energy by reflecting light so that the home does not become heated and reduces cooling costs as well.


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  • NoiseDuring a rainstorm, the noise produced by copper colored metal roofing can be very distracting regardless where a person is within the building. The metal roof is not able to buffer the noise as well as other types of roofing material in the market.


Copper Roofing Design Ideas


All in all, copper roofing is worth the investment for property owners that are looking to save money in the long run.  Making the decision to use this type of roofing obviously has more benefits than drawbacks for homeowners.