House Paint

Considering how many colors and manufacturers there are out there, choosing house paint can be a bit tricky. You might need the help of an expert to give you a few tips here and there so you don’t waste money and do irreparable damage to your house. When it comes to house paint it’s important to know where to use it, which color and how to maintain it.

Most Recommended Interior House Paint Color

There are a few steps to take before choosing the best house paint:

  • Select product depending on your tentative budget.
  • Calculate cost and quantity of paint you will need for your entire house.
  • Select your choice of color, texture and patterns for your walls and
  • Find out where you will buy paint at the cheapest price possible. This will involve considering discounts, special offers and so forth.


Exterior House Paint Colors Ideas

Paints Suitable for Certain Application Methods

There are many methods of paint application and the choice can be affected by the type of finishes used. Some finishes are not compatible with some methods of application. This means that a good finishing work requires having the right materials, processing techniques and the right equipment.

  • Brushing is still the best method for large complex places. It’s versatile and helps assist paint to penetrate. It also reduces wastage of paint and its best for decorative or maintenance purposes. The best brush should be made of hog bristles. The best paint to use with brushing method is air drying type based on long oil length alkyds, distemper and emulsion. Fast evaporating solvents should not be used with a brush.
  • Roller application is best for floors and places that are far like ceiling. It’s faster than brushing. It’s economic because wastage is minimal and it gives controlled film weight and thickness. Paints suitable for rollers should be opaque, flexible, have excellent adhesion, have good flow and application characteristics, have great chemical resistance for the end use and have a hard mar proof film formation quality.
  • Spray application uses jet or fluid paint. There should be a right balance between air and the paint for atomization. Paints based on short oil alkyds and fast evaporating solvents like NC lacquer and xylene are excellent for spraying.


Bunte Farbeimer

Exterior House Paint Colors

  • Cement coating should be done within two hours of mixing with water.
  • New surface should be coated with an additional coat of self-priming with water
  • Horizontal surfaces like terrace boarders and chajjas should be painted an extra coat because of their exposure to water.
  • The body of the home should have a quiet color to give room to bolder accent colors. For example exterior house paint colors painted sage and the windows compliment with gold while the roof boast a blue shade. It can also have an earthy tone to blend with the surrounding. Blue, grey and beige colors are best for exterior.


Interior House Paint

  • Inside the house it should be bright so hide any dark colors with a lighter coat.
  • The interior house paint should have shiny gloss matching furniture and curtains.
  • The paint color should represent your personality.
  • Every room should be painted a different color but there should be a flow.
  • Pink, orange, cream yellow and light green are best for interior.

The Best House Paint Ideas

Roof Replacement

The roof of a house is subject to the most wear and tear due to weather conditions like rain and sun that cause damage. Being the only part of the house that protects people from such weather conditions and other harsh ones, the roof should be maintained regularly and need roof replacement if need be. Whether its maintenance, a new roof or home remodeling; house paint should be a big part of that. The roof should rhyme with the exterior of the house and the ceiling should match or at least go with the house interior colors. Mostly the roof is painted green, blue and brown or the roof tiles are bought that way and then the inside ceiling is painted white. The paint used should also be resistant to lichens like moss and algae. This can also be avoided by cleaning the roof regularly so the paint should be oil based to enhance easy cleaning and avoid discoloration. House paint is a big part of a home so a lot of thought should be put into it. Homeowners should consult the paint experts for more information.