Using Vinyl paint In Roof Replacement

The popularity of Vinyl roofing is growing by the season. This has led to an increase in demand for vinyl paint. Many people are adopting vinyl roofing due to a number of reasons. This type of roofing is very versatile and can be used in residential, commercial, agricultural, as well as industrial applications. Vinyl also contains few nonrenewable components hence making it eco-friendly. The lifespan of the roofing is said to be about 50 years. Although roofing made from vinyl is long-lasting, it will fade overtime. And the only way to bring back the luster is by applying paint suited for vinyl roofs. The success of the restoration will be determined by the following:

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Damage on the Roof

When carrying out a roof replacement, it is necessary to determine the extent of damage or fade. Naturally, vinyl roofs will fade and lose their appeal. This is caused by the harsh weather and climate, constant contact by people and other creatures, and also natural wear and tear. Roofing that has been damaged extensively or has deep pitting will require paint that is much thicker. The thick paint will not only restore the color, but will also act as filler consequently removing surface imperfections. Such paints will usually come in form of vinyl acrylic or vinyl siding paint .

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Type of Paint

Paint used in restoring vinyl roofing is generally classified in the following categories:

  • Vinyl spray paint: – This is the most commonly used type of paint. It is similar to ordinary paint in appearance but it is specially made for vinyl roofing. The paint forms a protective overcoat on the roofing surface other than just coloring the surface. It also comes in different brands. The most suitable way of applying the paint is through the use of a spray gun.
  • Vinyl dyes: – Dyes differ from paints in that unlike paints which remain on the surface; dyes penetrate deep inside the material. This action ensures that the dye adheres better to the material and also lasts longer.

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Affected Areas

The type of paint will also be determined by the area where the paint is to be applied. A grayed white surface will be most suited by paint or bleach and not dyes. In case a darker shade is required, then dyes are ideal. Extensively damaged roofing requires the use of roll-on paints such as duplicolor vinyl paint.This paint is thicker and also offers a deep shade of color. Rustoleum based roofing paints are more expensive than other paints, but are also more durable. It is better to spend more on quality paint, than having to settle for cheap paints that will require frequent repainting exercises.

Application Process

Replacing or restoring an aged or faded vinyl roof requires different application processes. Some methods are much straightforward, while others require a bit of skill. For instance, a lightly faded roof only requires spraying the right type of vinyl paint. But in case the roof is extensively damaged, it will require prior preparation. This will include removing badly damaged sections, smoothening or sanding down the surface, bleaching, and then finally applying the paint. Surfaces that have completely lost all the paint material may require a primer to be applied first. The primer allows the new paint to bond better with the surface. Failure to apply the primer before the paint will result to the paint chipping off prematurely.

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Applying paint may seem like a simple and basic exercise. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Skill and experience is required when carrying out the process. This may only be achieved by engaging a professional vinyl roof restorer. The expert will offer advice on the right type of paints that are user and eco-friendly hence causing no side effects or pollution. A proficient person will also undertake the task while adhering to the recommended safety guidelines.

Generally, vinyl roofing comes in two forms. There are the single ply sheets that are commonly used for agricultural and commercial settings. The other type is the shake style shingle. The shake style is more common and also very flexible. However, it also requires more skill in installing as well as restoring. Shake style is generally used in domestic and residential situations. The above guidelines will ensure that the vinyl paint used is appropriate hence improving the appearance. The life span of the roof will also be extended.