Why Copper Gutters are Your Best Solution

Although all rainwater systems are a sound investment because they safeguard the home from any possible water damage, copper gutters are a better investment as compared to many other types because their beauty and value if higher; unlike plastic gutters, the installation of these gutters adds value to many homes. In addition, these gutters are a long-term investment because they are durable.

Faux Copper Gutters Design Ideas

What you should know when shopping for copper rain gutters

Copper is an outstanding choice for hard jobs such as rainwater collection and gutter systems because only a few materials can maintain their shape and technical function as well as it does. When you want to dress up a building or your home by adding a functional yet architectural element or carry out historical restorations, copper rain gutters are a great choice.

Special expertise is necessary for measuring and installing copper gutters properly and hence, you cannot just buy them off the shelf. These gutters are more expensive as compared to gutters that are made by using more traditional materials like aluminum.

However, when their installation is done correctly, nothing else can add “splash” to an exterior in the same way as they do. Investment in these gutters starts to make a lot of sense when you add the fact that they provide low maintenance service for many years.

All About Copper Gutters

Conductor or Leader Heads

Just like all gutter systems, copper gutters and downspouts direct rainwater away from buildings by using the drainage system. However, copper gutter systems usually use a leader head or conductor head, which is an ornamental element. This element is large and box-shaped. It attaches to the wall in the exterior that is below the top of these gutters.

The benefits of copper gutters 

These gutters are an ideal product for adding to the exterior of residential properties. Their benefits are in three categories; low maintenance during their lifecycle, cosmetic enhancement value, and sustainable echo friendly materials for buildings.

Copper Rain Gutter Design Ideas

Low maintenance

  • These gutters do not place any stress on the structures that they are attached to because they are lightweight. Seamed areas are also less likely to crack and leak because their level of contraction and expansion owing to extreme temperature changes is low.
  • Gutters that are made by using copper are very durable under all conditions because they are naturally resistant to corrosion. Hence, unlike many other products that are constructed by using metal, underside corrosive decay will never cause problems for them.
  • These gutters add significant value to your building because they can absorb. You should take care when you are using the materials and process of implementing these gutters in a proper manner during their installation process.


Cosmetic enhancement

These gutters are a rich and attractive addition to your home. They add value to it and make it more appealing for many years. The oxidation of the metal that occurs when it is exposed to weather elements for a long period gives the appearance of their finish beautiful green highlights over time.

Homeowners, designers, and architects view this look as a very important asset to the properties and they want to achieve it. You can pre-treat the metal by using chemicals for the preservation of the natural appearance in order to achieve this look with a lot of ease if you prefer to retain the original color for the longest time possible by slowing this process down. Either way, the installation of these gutters enhances any home in an exclusive manner.



Copper gutter systems represent the echo friendly and environmentally aware approach that we use nowadays to build projects. Unlike all other materials, they are highly sustainable. First, the lifespan of faux copper gutters is approximately a minimum of 100-300 years. It is easy to recycle any material that comes from their installation at a reasonable return rate on the monetary investment.

Copper Gutter Maintenance

Copper is a natural material that requires low maintenance. It makes sealing, painting or basic roof replacement unnecessary. In addition, it is an ideal choice for gutters because it does not rust. However, you should not neglect copper rainwater systems because they are an investment. You should take proper care when you are handling these gutters.

You should wear cotton gloves whenever you are maintaining or cleaning copper gutters because the skin would otherwise transfer natural oils onto them and leave spots that can detract the beautiful patina from its elegance by spoiling it.